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Hello to all my existing and future customers it has been a difficult year for everyone with the looming Brexit and the terrible rain ! But I hope you all had a good summer and enjoyed the sunshine while we had it.

We have had a busy and successful year despite the difficult economy we are in at the moment as a country but with lots of good contacts of many years I have been able to offer some fantastic horses of top quality and very reasonable prices

I am always happy to receive requests if you do not see what your looking for on the website there are many more for competition, breeding or showing that do not go on the website as they wish to remain private but I am always available on Whatsapp where I can send other options drop me a message anytime +447476096915

We have some fabulous horses available at the moment please take the time to look through happy I look forwards to hearing from you in the very near future

Best Wishes Dawn @ AHD

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  1. Sandra Croft says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I’m a mature lady rider of 40+ years experience seeking a new partner for life following the loss of my beloved cob in August after 20 years together. I’m looking for a safe, sane horse for hacking and dressage to a moderate level as an amateur rider. I’m 5’4″ and quite stocky so something between 15.2 and 16.2 would be the ideal size and although I’d prefer a gelding, mares would be considered. As the horse would be kept at a livery yard, I don’t think a stallion would be a practical solution. I have often admired the grace and presence of the Andalusian breed and came close to purchasing a 3/4 bred but due to sarcoids had to decline. I can see lots of beautiful looking horses on your website but I’m struggling to work out what might be the full costs including vetting and transport to Derbyshire to understand if purchasing from Spain would be a viable option on a budget of up to £7000. I would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Sandra
    Thank you for your message which came through on comments
    Can you please emaail me or send me a whatsapp 07476096915
    Yes I think I can help with the search for that perfect horse for you in your budget
    Look forwards to hearing from you Best wishes Dawn

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