Wisky SIF

Price: B/C (€10001-14999)

WISKY SIF * 08/01/2020 is an outstanding young PRE stallion from the breeder Santiago Ilian Fernández. As all his horses, WISKY SIF has spent his childhood outside in the field, allowing time to build up his natural strength and social behavior. In fact, his character is splendid, as well towards his human as to other horses and animals. He has a lovely character and is very easy to train! He has been started under saddle  with 3 1/2 years, only using snaffle bit. He has the basic trainig as well as some natural horsemanship and trick training like beginning of Spanish Walk and bowing down. He will be a fantastic future dressage and stud stallion combination. Sired by the black stallion PINCEL VIII (video https://youtu.be/EpfIe0EMS1A ) who was already 1,76 m height when we met him at 7 years of age, he is sired by Samaritano VIII from the breeder Franzisco Santiago http://ganaderiafranciscosantiago.com/ and his bloodlines are strongly influenced by Military lines including some very ancient historical names such as Agente 1959, Taco Taco 1955, Gemelo II 1955. Wisky’s mother Malagueña DXIV is mainly based in important PRE lines from Lovera, Escalera, Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar.

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    Status For Sale
    Location Spain
    Sex Stallion
    Capa LG Bay
    Height 1.60m
    Born 08/01/2020
    PRE PSL With Papers

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