Nono JM

Price: A (€6000)

Nono JM * 13/11/2021 is a young, pretty PRE stallion still unblemished, just started with the lunge. He is a friendly horse, calm and steady, well moving if you watch him in freedom. He moves really well and elastic, using the hind legs without any effort which will make it easy to ride him later. He has a fantastic over track also in walk which is so important. His blood lines are almost pure Yeguada Militar going back to mystic names such as Lego (calificado, mejorante), Cerro (recommended dressage stallion, calificado), Remache, Pendulo II, Deco…Also remarkable that there are no double names in his pedigree which means he has no genetic repetition which is rare to find. He is for sale at a fair price right now being adapted according to his training level. A very good opportunity to purchase at a very reasonable price before his training becomes more established.

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    Status For Sale
    Location Spain
    Sex Stallion
    Capa LG Grey
    Height 1.57m
    Born 13/11/2021
    PRE PSL With Papers

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