Purchase Process

Our purchase process is outlined below, if you have any questions please send me an enquiry.

  1. Decide to come to Spain or Leave your search in our capable hands, Once you have decided to fly to Spain we will happily organise your entire trip for you including: airport-pick up which a fee is charged of 60 euro each way or you may prefer help to arrange reasonable car hire, we can recommend accommodation in the right area, transport you to view your chosen horses a fee will apply. Please enquire for pricing and availability beforehand.
  2. If you should wish to come to Spain we have a variety of accommodation options for you to choose from. It is our recommendation when coming to view horses that your stay 2-3 days during this time we can organise viewings of suitable horses, enquire directly via email for the types of accommodation available as well and pricing as it does vary with the season. There is a services charge when flying out to view horses this is from 60 to 120 euro per day depending on the horses locations you want to view, this is payable on the day directly to the team member who will be with you for the day, they will collect you from your accomodation, drive you to the stables, translate and answer any questions you may have, you will then be driven back to your accomodation.
  3. Or you may chose to buy without seeing the horses this is the option most people choose you will use our expertise and knowledge to find you the right horse with up to date videos pictures and information, We will support you virtually and discuss all doubts and questions and further pictures and videos will be provided on request.
  4. Once you have found your dream Spanish horse, let’s get to the veterinary examination. This is strongly recommended by us there are varying types of pre purchase veterinary clinical examinations you might choose to have and a quote will be given on booking, for small fee, we will also video the entire pre-purchase veterinary examination as if you was present.
  5. Once your horse has passed the veterinary examination and you are happy to proceed with the purchase it is time for us to arrange the transport for you as well as the export documentation and arrange for the payment for the horse detailed instructions are provided, we will need your postcode and country for the transport quote and full details for the sales contract which is signed by yourself and the seller/owner. During the time your horse awaits collection, we will ensure the best care is given at all times and regular checks will be made.
  6. Transport can be arranged or assisted throughout the EU as well as none EU countries, if your country lies in the EU then we use road transport with trusted companies who will deliver your horse safely to you, Should your country be located outside the EU then we can also arrange this transportation via plane and arrange export bloods and quarantine stables.
  7. After purchasing your horse there are some optional costs to consider including: shoeing, vaccinations, teeth rasping and worming, keeping your horse in training up until its departure, Please enquire for prices and a more detailed explanation and options available once you have paid for your horse we allow up to two weeks for collection, After this period livery fees will be incurred.
  8. Insurance is recommended to our customers once the horse has been paid for as security for you to protect your investment there are several companies in UK or your resident country that offer cover, there are also companies in Spain that will insure the horses for a month, please enquire for advice on this.
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