Lou & Enamorada Australia

My darling Enamorada and I would like to thank dawn from the bottom of our hearts! I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful pre filly who travelled like a dream and has now completely relaxed into her new life and home here in Western Australia.I had never even considered importing a horse before but fell in love with Enamorada pt from Dawns amazing site. After an impromptu trip to Spain with everything arranged by Dawn, complete with accommodation at the stable where my girl was kept- the realization that I had to get this filly back to Australia hit me. It was too late- I was in love. Thank god for Dawn. I could not have done this without her wisdom and generosity with her time and invaluable knowledge. Assisted by Carola who was equally as lovely and helpful. How lucky was I to stumble upon Andalusian horse direct and Dawn. I’ve heard some horror stories since and just thank my lucky stars I had Dawns help and guidance. IRT were fantastic and kept me updated throughout the long long journey and quarantine stints. If you’re thinking about trying to import with no help……. I’d think twice- I absolutely couldn’t have done this without Dawn. Not only do I have a World class pre filly- that nagging hole in my heart has now been filled and there was minimal anxiety along the way. I cannot express the extent of my sincere gratitude 🙏🏻

IMG 20230811 WA0004