Sarah & David Rayner

Having made the decision to purchase an Andalusian horse and researching the market in the UK, it became obvious to us, that Dawn’s website “Andalusian Horse Direct,” was head and shoulders above the rest. We subsequently made a visit to Dawn’s yard in the UK and then a week later we were flying out to Spain. Dawn kindly put all her Christmas plans on hold to fly out and meet us and arranging accommodation and a plan to see the horse’s l’d short listed in my order of preference.

Right from the onset, we were really impressed with Dawn’s communication as she answered our endless phone calls, texts and emails about various horses and queries.

In Spain she drove us to the various breeder’s yards and remained totally neutral not trying to influence us in anyway. I really appreciated this and she was soon able to see what sort of horse l was looking for. When we reached number 4 on my list (“Preferido”) l instinctively knew he was the one! We used the remainder of our time to look at some fillies. This hadn’t been part of the plan but again, at short notice, Dawn made a few phone calls and was able to show us a field of youngsters to look at.

We returned to the UK leaving Dawn to arrange the sale documents for Preferido but also to negotiate a good price for 2 of the fillies we’d seen. We had enough trust in Dawn’s judgement to then buy a 4th mare, unseen apart from photographs.

Dawn arranged absolutely everything and gave good sound advice along the way, such as making sure they were all vaccinated before they left Spain. Not only was this a good idea, it was also considerably cheaper than the UK!

Buying a horse form Spain could be complicated but Dawn takes all the stress and complication away, we cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are considering buying any Spanish horse, Dawn should be your first call!

All the horses are now very settled in and with such lovely natures they are a pleasure to be around.

David and Sarah Rayner, Suffolk