Importing Spanish Horses to Uk after Brexit

Here is an update to the shipping process and costs involved to keep everyone informed.

Now that the BCP gates have been introduced in dover and other ports of entry the process has become more through and more checks are being done on the horses and the documentation that they travel with, it is important that the correct value is declared to customs and HMRC or this can become a major problem and hold up the whole lorry load of horses at the port while customs do checks in to the invoices and funds transfer documents for the purchase of the horse if there is errors found an on the spot fine to the new owner of the horse can be up to £10,000 per horse!

All imported none registered horses now need to have a coggins blood test before they are collected not earlier or later than 1 week before travel this does not apply to any horse imported that has a registered society passport for example PRE, PSL, Hispano Arab, CDE, Arab, Anglo Arab these are examples of registered horses that could be imported from Spain. The none papered horse also needs to have a 40 day declaration done by the vet in Spain to prove origin and residence of the horse at the same stables for 40 days or more before export. These are all extra costs on top of the price of the horse. As your agent I will deal with all of this on your behalf and guide you through the process, all buyers will need to apply for a EORI Number which is needed to import in to UK but I will provide you with a link to do this and guide you through the process which is a step by step easy process but no horse can enter Uk without this as it is needed for Customs declarations.

Transport prices to Uk have now increased in line with customs charges, export papers and IPAFFS, fuel charges and the current inflation rises worldwide anyone wanting a price for transport can contact me to discuss further

Do contact me if you have any further questions

Dawn West

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  1. Zayn says:

    Hi what is the average cost of importing a horse into the UK

  2. Sharon Carter says:

    Hi I want to bring my horse back to the uk from almeria spain, he’s unregistered mix breed, has passport and jabs, will need coggins. He’s a 16h gelding. What is the procedure and what to I need to do to get him back home. Also what is a ball park figure to get him home.

    • Dawn West says:

      No idea the cost as you have not given a delivery address and very much depends on the location but to give you an idea to south Uk your looking at just over 2k but this does not include coggins test if you email me I can pass on a transport company who can help you
      Regards Dawn

  3. Sharon Mcgaffin says:

    Good morning, could you tell me if its possible to export a horse from spain to uk without a passport. The passport has been lost by the rescue centre that the horse came from and we are having difficulty obtaining a duplicate. Is it possible to move him with the old green card that was issued before the passport system? The horse is microchipped and would be coggins tested before travel. Many thanks for any information you can provide

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