New Import Rules EU to UK

This is for information purpose to anyone who is looking to import a Spanish horse in to Uk, there has been many changes and there are more costs now involved as we are no longer part of the EU due to Brexit.

All registered horses PRE, PSL, Ha or horses with a sports or competition passport will not be subject to quarantine, blood tests or customs duty, However they will be subject to 20% VAT payable to HMRC before import this will be worked out as a CIF value by a customs declaration agency which will include:- Value of the horse, Transport cost and Ancillaries (for example customs clearance charge) this is added together and charged at 20% to the client and has to be paid before the horse can enter UK. Please see the information provided online by

also see this link that outlines what is subject to VAT and at what rate

This link explains which passports are accepted as Registered

Import of horses without a registered stud book or sports and competition passport are now subject to 40 days on a holding yard in the country prior to travel and a 30 day quarantine away from other horses before they can travel, they will also need a blood test for Equine Infectious Anaemia within 30 days of travel stallions will also need a further blood test for Viral arteritis within 21 days before travel all these will be at the cost to the buyer. The above costs before import are also applicable at 20% of the CIF value plus and additional cost of 10% customs duty please take the time to read the government guidelines on importing horses that do not have a registered passport.

Transport costs have now increased and holds addition costs for administration, declarations and to enter EU and then to return to UK full details of these costs will be given on request any questions do not hesitate to contact Dawn or if you do not fully understand what this will mean for you to buy and import a Spanish horse to UK.

Here is an update to the above the 10% CIF value has not yet been introduced so currently it is 20% of the declared value of the horse please see the new update on imports for more information

Blood requirements for none papered horses is only the coggins to date

Contact Dawn with any further questions

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  1. Patricia Perry says:

    Do the same tax rules apply if I were to buy a British sport horse (with passport), living in Spain and bring him back to the UK?

  2. Geoff Gallagher says:

    Hi we have our horse in spain in a British passport, we are moving back, do i have any fees to pay bringing him back to the uk?

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