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Welcome to my new website, our old website was developed over 8 years ago and was looking really tired! We hope you like our new website which allows you to filter horses by sex, age, height and much more to ensure you find the perfect horse for you. In addition we have added this news section, a gallery and much more..

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  1. Dawn says:

    Hi to all my existing and up coming customers if you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact me with your requirements there are many horses on my books that do not go on the website

    The website is updated weekly

  2. Dawn says:


    The next lorry is due to collect around the 10th October and then again the end of October 2016

  3. Cathy Powell says:

    Hi Dawn
    I am considering purchasing an Andalusian and have found your lovely website. A little about me – I am 64 yrs of age, have kept horses for 20 years, and over the last 5 years have specialised in a holistic approach to horse keeping and training, and positive reinforcement training techniques. I run a small yard taking experienced riders out over Exmoor. My current ‘dressage’ horse is an 11yr old cobxISH and he is developing well – however we are learning together and at my age that is a slow process. My dressage teacher is Betty Howett, and I guess we are at intermediate level, however Papoose is hard work, and I am thinking that with limited time available due to business and age, I would progress to a better level with a good quality dressage horse. Quite apart from that I have had riding holidays in Spain and Portugal and love the spanish breeds as good quality riding horses – would be excellent for Exmoor. If I started again I would love a yard full of spanish riding horses!

    So I am looking for a horse that preferably can work at my level or above, is preferably barefoot (but not essential), around 15.3-16.1hh (I am 5’9″) and is able to work freely and fluently (Paps is a little cobby at times even though I love him dearly). It needs to be a mare or a gelding as we have so many other horses, and preferably around 5-8 yrs old. it needs to be able to cope with hard riding countryside (in the summer our horses climb the equivalent of Everest in a month!)

    At the moment I am looking at Zagel, but you may have others similar and suitable. I think Nako is a little “bouncy” for me but he will have beautiful movement as he matures.

    WE are thinking of coming over to you on a Monday or a Friday to try a few options. Is that possible?

    One last question – do your horse prices carry VAT or is that added on afterwards?

    Kind regards

  4. Dawn says:

    HI Cathy

    Thank you for your very informative message
    I have sent you an email from
    Can you reply through the email or give me a call 07876616361
    Kind Regards

  5. Dawn says:

    Hello to all my customers existing and in the future
    We will be launching a newsletter over the next few weeks so dont forget to let us know if you would like to be included in the list to receive the monthly newsletter

    Best Wishes Dawn

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