October 2018 News

Hello again to all my customers past, present and future just an update to keep you all informed about these wonderful horses that just get more and more popular throughout the equestrian industry, as always many are sold abroad worldwide directly from Spain as well as in Europe

The Spanish horse is also now popular for jumping as well as dressage and make fantastic leisure horses, this year I have also been selling this breed to the therapy sector as they adore children people and attention, many also go to the TV Film and exhibition sector so they are a very versatile breed and can turn their hooves to anything!

We have very few horses available in Uk now as most are sold directly from Spain so thank you to all of you who put your trust in me to find the right horses using my knowledge and contacts, trips to Spain are also offered to those who feel they need to meet the horses in person.

We have a special horse available in Uk who is good at everything he does I highly recommend him for his willingness, safety, ability, beauty and most of all his big heart of gold hard to find see his details below Kefren, we also have two super horses in Spain that are from a top breeder they have just been dropped in price as the breeder is over stocked so it is a very good opportunity in respect of price, quality and training also see their details below Deseado and Fenomeno.

As always please contact me if you do not see what you are looking for not all the horses are on the website you can email, call or I also have whatsapp +447476096915

Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn

Best wishes Dawn

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