Ellen Sauer

Hi Dawn!

Picasso arrived safely last Tuesday evening, VERY tired but with good courage – He almost instantly laid down to sleep once he was in the stable.

The following days he has been on the fields with one of our own horses in daytime and then sleeping in the stables at night.

He is a very happy and curious horse and he loves his new field mate SO much, although his field mate find him as a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes 😉

I have been spending a lot of time on the field getting to know Picasso, and also walking with him getting him to know the arena, stables as well as handling and how we walk together him and I. He is taking everything so well and he response well to my patience when he sometimes work him self a bit up although it is in a very controlled and fine manner.

I rode him for the first time Saturday and I find him very pleasant  all round – we are just starting out by getting him to relax a bit more and find his own balance under rider. I already feel safe with him, and he response so well.

I am with good hope and truly feel like a have found the horse of my dreams. Picasso has so much potential, physically and mentally, and he is a fast and willing learner. A wonderful partnership has begone and he seeks for a place to put his natural trust, which lay within him. He is slowly going to find out, that I can be that place for his trust, and he is already showing signs of the recognition, which is wonderful to see and feel.

I cannot believe my luck when I think about how we haven’t even meet him before buying – but that feel through his video on your website and the description, which matched our criteria, was worth trusting, because it turned out to be everything we could have dream of – and more.

You have been nothing else but amazing through this whole process, Dawn! Answering all my emails quickly and professional. Your way of wanting the best for me and Picasso has been great and you have been nothing else but trustworthy. No doubt I will look for my next Spanish horse at your place, because me next horse will with no hesitation also be Spanish, when Picasso turned out the be as wonderful as he is.
My love for him already run deeply through my veins and we will reach for the stars together.

With all the gratitude within me and my mother’s heart we thank you, Dawn, and wish you all happiness and sunshine. We will recommend you to anybody with a wish of a Spanish dream at heart.


Ellen, Denmark