Kelly Beck

I think i must be one of the worst people dawn has had to deal with, we often joke about how i a was and still are a pain in the bum to dawn!! dawn is one of the nicest most genuin peple i have ever met and she is very knowledgable.. it has been a bit of a search for dawn to find me my dream andalusian but she did it, i was very specific in what i wanted having wanted an andalusian since i was 6 (im now 27!!) and i had a small budget!! dawn found me the most beutifull stallion named ruano but we have nicked named him rudi!! he has been with me for 3 weeks and its like hes been here for years he is georgeous and its all down to dawn, a lot of people would have given up on helping me but dawn has gone above and beyond the call of duty, i had spoken to at least 15 different people befor dawn and in my opion you would be silly to use anyone eles, i would have no hesitation in recomending dawn when choosing and buying an andalusian horse.. i also just want to say thankyou so so much dawn for everything you have done.. ruano is cheeky but a real sweety.. and i look forward to us learning together! thanks again dawn, kelly