Lucy Petherick

Hi Dawn,

I would just like to say I am very grateful to you for your non stop support and honesty all the way through the buying process. You have emailed me all day every day, answering my many questions and reassured me all the way through -even for the last week after he’s arrived to help settle him in and support me.

I know you truly love these horses and that’s what makes the difference as you care what happens to them and want the best home possible. It’s so nice to be able to buy a horse you’ve never seen or ridden, purely from pictures and a video and have someone so kind and supportive all the way through like you have been.

I first spotted Rayito on your website after trawling through many beautiful Andalusians, but I knew after watching the video of him he was the one! His action was to die for. I’ve always loved riding Andalusian horses on riding trail holidays in Spain and I have wanted one of my own since I was very young to have for dressage and long distance riding. I am drawn to horses like Rayito as I have always kept Arabs, so I love a horse with strong character and flamboyant over the top paces! I immediately emailed you saying I was in love after he bought a tear to my eye! I really was – to the point i had to have him no matter what. I spent many sleepless nights asking every question possible until his arrival. I have never been so excited and you shared the special moment with me every step of the way, despite you having so many other people to deal with and your yard to look after it was never too much trouble.

When he arrived he was unsettled and scared but you helped me so much to get him back on track, overcome obstacles and reassure me and now within a week of his arrival we are riding every day and he trusts me. He is an amazing horse, I’m so I’m glad I put my faith in you and him!

I can’t thank you enough and if anyone else is reading this wondering if it will be ok to buy a horse you’ve never seen before – trust me Dawn won’t let you down and will always be honest!

All my love and hugs,

Lucy and Rayito xxx