Liz Jones

I think it was the cheeky face looking over the stable door that was the start of our relationship with Jaleo. He was a skinny grey boy with deep black eyes that can melt your heart or warn you with a frown. He transported to Coventry very well and immediately took to my sisters yard. He eats anything that is put in front of him and true to the breed lies down in his stable regularly especially if he is feeling a bit tired or when he had his teeth done.

He is a dream horse to own, so good to handle and ride and after 8 months is showing some fantastic paces which we have discovered with careful schooling.

He is a dream to hack out, leading all sorts of horses and recently babysitting my husbands new 5 yr old with no complaints, just taking it all in his stride.

Only difficulty with this grey horse is his liking to be covered in green stains which I’m sure he does just to make sure I take extra time to groom and wash him!!

He is such a special boy, I can’t thank you enough Dawn for finding him and bringing him over to the Uk, please keep doing this and look out for these types of horses they are not always top class but just excellent riding horses who bring so much pleasure to their owners and riders.