Paula & Fatuo

So how on earth do you buy a spanish horse when you’ve no contacts over there, no idea where to look and can’t speak a word of spanish ? Faced with this dilemma I soon realised I would need to go through one of the agencies on the internet.

I found myself viewing Dawns website frequently as it was easy to navigate and gave helpful information on the horses advertised.

When a 3 year old black stallion called Fatuo HS came on the website I was so drawn to him I overcame my initial qualms and emailed Dawn for information.

She responded within hours answering all my questions and many more that I hadn’t ! This was the beginning of a series of emails we exchanged, no matter what I needed to know Dawn was onto it offering solutions such as having the owner measure Fatuo and photograph the procedure so I could be certain of his current height.

Initially I indicated I wanted to make the trip to Malaga to view him but soon realised that would not be practicable for me and I knew if I wanted this horse I would have to buy him “blind”.

I struggled with that for a short time but I felt that Dawn had been very straight with me I had told her of some medical issues I had overcome which made it so important that I get the right horse and she had assured me that Fatuo was the one for me. I read all of the testimonials on her website and my instincts told me to go for it.

Well after that Dawn did everything to make the purchase go smoothly, organised the vetting which was videoed and sent to me, emailed me the outcome, translated the vet report for me and booked his transport.

She also organised and paid for vaccinations and at my request, for his shoes to be removed.

She even negotiated the price down a bit and this horse was worth every penny of the asking price !!

Having purchased my boy I was very anxious about the journey to the UK. Dawn took care of all the paperwork, and was able to reassure me about all my worries. The journey was fraught with difficulties caused by the dreadful atrocities in Paris and appalling weather conditions but I received regular updates on their progress and how my boy was coping which really helped.

Even when they reached the UK the weather still caused setbacks and Dawn ended up looking after Fatuo at her own yard for two nights before he could complete his journey to Lancashire.

He got 5★ B&B and I got photos !

When he finally arrived he was delivered in great condition with not a mark on him after a 2000 mile journey a testament to the skills of Richard and Billy who brought him all the way.

And I have the most exquisitely beautiful andalusian with a wonderful temperament he is everything Dawn said and more.

Buying a horse you’ve never seen based on representations from a person you’ve never met seems a rather ill judged decision but buying any horse (which is usually from a stranger) is a risk. I trusted my instincts and put my faith in Dawn and she didnt let me down.

So if youve set your heart on a spanish horse, don’t have any contacts, no idea where to look, let alone speak spanish I’d say without hesitation – give Dawn a call.