Helen Tracey

Reading through the rest of the testimonials on here one thing seems to stand out for me about Dawn and her horses, and that is the professional manner in which Dawn conducts herself and the temprements of the Horses she finds for us. It is a very strange experience to buy a horse unseen , apart form photos and videos from a stanger you have never met , and not for the faint hearted , however in Dawn you have somebody that is 100% trustworthy and the absolute guarantee that the horses will be everything she says they are.
I took delivery of my stallion just over a week ago now and he has settled extreamly quickly , he is the sweetest ,quietest boy in the world . I am looking forward to spending many happy hours with my “fairytail ” and I thank my fairygod mother (Dawn,sorry Dawn 4 making you sound old!) ) for making it all come true . I would have no hesitation in entrusting her again if ever I am lucky enough to purchase another Andalusian. Thankyou from me and my new Boy for putting us together. xx