Suzanne Evans

I met Dawn when I sent my three year old pure bred colt to her for backing. It was very important to me that “George” (I had bought him as a foal and he is the most gentle of characters) went to the right place, and I liked Dawns friendly and down to earth attitude from the start.
I had a feeling that George would be too quiet for me and after much thought, and tears! and conversations with Dawn! decided to part with him, as I knew Dawn would be able to find him the right home.
Once the decision was made I started with Dawns help to find a horse more suited to me, she sent me lists of recommended horses and I picked four I really liked. After several changes of mind (I am a woman!) I chose an unregistered colt called “Romeo”. Now renamed “Peludo”, (hairy) “Ludo” to us have a look why!
He arrived safely at my home (arranged totally by Dawn) and is all I hoped for, beautiful, full of character and rather wild at times,that’s what I wanted! He is “battered” daily by the Shetland, but other wise strides out like he owns the place. Despite all this he is well behaved and gentle with me and we will have a great future. I will continue his (and my own) training with Dawn and strive to produce exactly what I want, the thing that epitomizes the unique beauty of the Spanish horse that proud spirit that is so often bred out of other breeds. Thank you Dawn.
Suzanne Evans, George and Ludo

PS if you want a really kind, gentle well bred, youngster take a look at Gentil (George) whom Dawn is training and has for sale, you will not be disappointed when you meet him I promise.