July Update

Hello again another month past phew and how hot it has been !

I hope you have all enjoyed the tropical weather the spanish horses love it feels like home to them although I think many of them have needed the shade and comfort of their stables this year during the siesta times.

We have had some lovely feedback on success stories of imports for dressage jumping and leisure, many have done very well with them and sent me pictures of the shows and the rosettes they have won which is always good to see how they are getting on so thank you to all who sent me these and keep them coming.

We have a huge selection of new horses currently being uploaded to the website available in Spain and we also have a small selection of very good quality mares and geldings available in UK

we also have a good selection of foals and young stock available that are not on the website so please contact me for information

Once again if you do not see what you are looking for please contact me by email whatsapp or messenger I am also always happy to have a chat on the phone.

Have a lovely August and for those going on holiday enjoy

Speak soon Best Wishes as always Dawn

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