Digital Jem


Digital Jem is a very beautiful black approved PRE stallion from the breeder Blanca Muñoz Rojas with Carthusian background. He has a high level of established well ridden training performing half pass in walk, trot and canter, easy going canter changes including flying lead changes of 2 time, and a nice Passage and beginning piaffe! Amazing gaits and high action with lightness and ease, elegant and very impressive. He would easily compete even along side the warmblood but with the beauty and grace of the Iberian horse! It would be difficult not to fall in love with this horse, just seeing his eyes is enough to know about his faithful and humble character.

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Black
Height 1.65m
Born 06/01/2008
Reproductive Status Approved

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