Sian Thomas

Gitana-now Madrilena- is the most wonderful horse I have ever owned and having had my other 2 for 54 years between them I feel a little disloyal!

I could extol her virtues for hours- from her fabulous temperament and intelligence to her athleticism and beauty. She has settled so well in the family.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your honesty in uniting us. I first approached you years ago but suddenly family illness thwarted every attempt to follow through and yet you still kept suggesting horses.

In November 2013 we had just returned from Vietnam just having missed Typhoon Haiyan by 3 hours as it veered up the coast avoiding hitting us full on. I thought I would just have to get on with getting a horse despite everything else or I never would and fate had Gitana on your books.

Thank you so so much. My life is transformed and the other family health issues have been put into perspective!

Next year I will probably look for another Andalusian and will come back to you but it won’t take 3 years!!

Warmest regards and to Billy