Arista Eucalipto


Artista Eucalipto *25/03/2019 is a fantastic tall PRE dapple grey stallion, absolutely beautiful and well moving. He came directly to the field of his owners, who are two brothers, dedicated dressage trainers, from the breeders field, where he grew up together with more youngsters. He had more time to develop outside in the fields with other colts until he has been started under the saddle when he was 4 years old. Artista is very well ridden, a solid basic training in the riding arena and also hacks out alone or in company. He is very well behaved around other horses and doesn’t even mind the pony running around during his training. Thanks to his character and his well-established training, he is now even being ridden by riding students as you can see on the new video from November 2023. A wonderful horse, gently and kind, with lots of potential in dressage and sports as he has straight movements, well forward with natural grace and beauty. Artista is sired by calificado Quizas HBM (see picture!) who is also a recommended dressage breeding stallion. Artista’s mother Joya XLVI is also calificado and recommended for dressage breeding. She is mainly rooted in pure Carthusian lines. Artista has a set of clean x rays about 1 year ago.

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Grey
Height 1.67m
Born 25/03/2019
PRE PSL With Papers

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