Victoria Goodburn

I cannot thank Dawn enough for everything she has done for me, from start to finish she has sent me pictures and videos of possible horses for me and given her honest opinion on all of them. She has answered every one of my many many e-mails, texts and phoncalls, without ever complaining that I am bothering her. She also never said anything about my very limited budget, just set out to find me the best horse possible with the money I had. I really felt that I would have got the same service from her if I was spending £20 or £20,000.

Dawn organised every detail transport of my lovely new horse, Damasco. She reasured me that everything would be ok and has even given me help since he has been with me. Damasco is everything she said he would be and has settled in to his new home very well. He is coming on in leaps and bounds now and I can’t wait to be out and about with him.

There were loads of things I wanted to say about Dawn as she was so wonderful in helping me, so I am sure I have missed something out. All I can say is that she was brilliant in every respect so if I have forgotten something, whatever it was, she was brilliant at it!!