Teejay & Relente

I originally emailed Dawn asking for her to keep her eyes open for a very specific size, type, age, sex and colour of horse, not wanting to buy one yet and expecting it to take a few months to find exactly what I was looking for. More or less the next day she emailed me with details of the perfect one! From the beginning Dawn was brilliant, from my endless inane questions, through vetting, transport, details of what to expect, right up to texts and phone calls when Relente was on his way, she took care of all my worries. I got photos and videos, and all the advice I could ask for. I have had little experience with going abroad myself, let alone buying a horse from overseas, and Dawn handled everything, leaving me free to spend hours buying goodies for my new baby!

When Relente finally arrived and I met him for the first time I fell instantly in love. He was and is perfect in every way, and I can’t thank Dawn enough for finding him for me. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Spanish horse to go to Dawn.