Sue & Bonito

Bonito arrived with me in October

He has the sweetest temperament and surprises me every day with how clever he is as he learns so quickly
Everything was so new for him including wearing rugs and being turned out in a big field…and he took several weeks to really settle and to get to know me but now he is happy with his routine and just loves to play out with his friends whatever the weather!
He wasn’t ridden for the first few weeks but we did lots of ground work and he was led from another horse out on rides which he really enjoyed!
as he is only 4 I didn’t want to rush him into being ridden too much too soon but he is now starting to be ridden in the ménage and to hack out quietly in company
He is very curious but brave in new situations and likes to go first to explore the way ahead
He is ridden bitless as that’s what I’m used to and he copes well being ridden bareback too!
I’m hoping we can get out and about more and  do some pleasure rides in the summer
Many thanks to Dawn for all her help in finding me such a special beautiful boy!