Sally and Carinosa

Hi Dawn
I’m loving having Carinosa as part of my family.  We’ve had a great summer hacking out and now enjoying a new routine fir the winter.  May get to do some schooling in the ménage rather than whilst hacking. She’s so loving and brave and full of character and loves to get involved in everything. We hack out alone or she loves being with the yard owner’s Andalusian   We’re hoping to venture further once we have transport. Hopefully to Thetford Forest park and ride and then the beach. Luckily we have East Anglian farm rides on our doorstep plus the yard owner has tracks round all their paddocks and farm fields.

She is a bit of a Houdini when the electric fails – likes to join others then but they all love her as she’s just happy to be with others or in sight of them , she doesn’t need to be the boss.  She also likes to dance about and play games but most of all enjoys her daily siesta by lying flat out in the field. The other yard owners say she’s the only Andalusian they know not to balloon in weight. She’s either on a siesta or playing.
Thank you so much.
Best wishes and a hug for all the other Andalusians your selling presently.
Sally Barrs