Lana & Dan Fenix

Svetlana Moore, Calgary, AB, Canada May 2017

“Looking for a decent horse is a very hard task and can be risky especially for someone who is just getting into a horsemanship. We were very uncertain, sceptical and not so trusting in possibility to have a successful find abroad when we couldn’t even see the horse with the very eyes. Dawn could make us feel different due to her excellent long term work experience with horses and truly kind passionate approach to people. She dissolved our concerns and made us feeling very comfortable, welcome and confident in our decision. She suggested us a great very well trained and natured Andalusian gelding considering our needs.

We are very grateful to you, Dawn for your kind help in the acquisition process and honest intent; your guidance through all of the procedure until the day we got Fenix. He is an absolute joy to ride and have around! He is exactly what we needed and were looking for!

It’s been an exciting experience and successful mission, thank you for your honesty and professionalism, Dawn. I’m glad we trusted you in such an important matter. It’s been a pleasure to get to know you!

Best of Luck!