Katariina Laukkanen

Greetings from Finland! 🙂 I bought my first Iberian horse from Dawn about two moths ago. The distance between us didn´t make things difficult att all, as a matter a fact it was difficult for me really to realize I was in Finland, Dawn was in England and Rocco, my horse, was in Spain! I could get touch to Dawn when ever I needed, at any point it was not a problem to deal with foreigner intermediant. I never travelled to Spain to look at my horse, I trusted on Dawn on her words of Rocco and I couldn´t be more satisfied! Rocco is everything and even more what Dawn told me, just unbelieveble little horse! 🙂 My dream was to have my own creme coloured iberian horse, but what I got was so much more.. Thank You Dawn!! If I ever decite to buy another iberian horse, and I do believe I will, I will contact You on the first minute! 😉