Jane Simmons

Many thanks for this lovely horse,i have had him just over a week now and he has settled well,.As you ride them different from the seat we are learning together, he is only 5 and is very safe. They only need a small amount of solid feed as dawn said and after getting in touch we have got it just right.He is going very dark and will be black by the end of winter, The type of horse you dream of owning and everyone thinks the same. Cars pass slowly just to have a good look as his main and tail is so long ,as the advert stated.If anyone wants a horse with that little bit extra wow then i will send them to Dawn as the advert she placed with vidios and pictures was exactly as stated. I will be in touch with picture as he grows because she want to know his progress, many thanks also to klara as if she was not there i would have missed him, jane