Gill Denbeigh

Just wanted to post a massive thank you! Strange isn’t it why you thank somebody when you’re the one departing with the cash but it’s like that when you’ve had so much help and guidance, its not really like doing business at all, its like a friend has helped you buy a horse.

I approached Dawn and I was very sceptical about dealers but it was worth a phone call at least. After what felt like a few minutes but was probably an hour I realised Dawn was no ordinary horse dealer. She was down to earth and honest, without the fluff! Dawn knew an incredible amount about horses and from her own experiences of Spain and knowing Spanish people and their horses.

I was looking for a hack really but with potential to do more in the future, long distance, a bit of jumping maybe, no set plans and so I wasn’t looking for a superstar dressage horse to compete with the price tag to match. At no time did Dawn try and sell me a horse of a higher value or ever push any horses on to me, which I appreciated. Dawn told me the facts about the horses that would be suitable and left it there.

Dawn came up with several suggestions and followed up with pictures too. Then I saw Julio on the site and thought, wow! He was my idea of a dream horse! Dawn sent me more pictures and a video and knew his entire history, as she had sold his mum and sister in the UK. Above all else we wanted a horse that wanted to be around you and was easy and Dawn made the match well!
Luckily Julio was already at Dawns so we went to see him and fell in love. He was everything Dawn had said he was, he is very special and stunning! The only problem was his age, three and I’m not an experienced horse person so I had to think about it quite hard and even had a look at some other horses there. But Dawn was right, he was the right horse and because of his nature, it didn’t matter how old he was. His Mum and sister are the same. I can’t thank Dawn enough for the conversations we had and advice we had about having a youngster and I somehow knew that if Dawn had thought a youngster was too much for me, she would have steered me towards another horse, but knowing temperament was the most important to us, he was the one. Dawn cares so much for her horses and this really became apparent in our purchase. I’d also like to thank Klara too for helping with the process and the schooling tips!

A few weeks on and I’m overwhelmed by how amazing Hooly is!!! He is everything and more now we have got to know him. He is an absolute dream, an angel horse and I’ve never known a horse so lovely…..and he’s only three!! He is so well mannered and sensitive, he is a joy to be around and he does love you being around him….he is gorgeous too which is the icing on the cake!

I’ve realised Dawn isn’t a ‘horse dealer’ but a ‘horse finder’ or a ‘horse matcher’ and in my case a dream horse finder and without even knowing it…..some things are just meant to be!! If you want a Spanish horse that is exactly what Dawn tells you it is, please call Dawn and take advantage of her friendly, knowledgeable service, you won’t regret it, I’ve never stopped smiling since!