Eva Virago

Wow, where to start!

I has been a long journey… and one I could not imagine to have been more smooth, comfortable, exciting and fun. All thanks to Dawn!

I found Dawn when I searching online for Spanish horses. There are numerous websites and agents who have been specialised in finding your perfect Spanish/Iberian horse, and all promise the same excellent service.
My choice to let Dawn help me out was based on how utterly safe and welcome she made me feel, and by how experienced and dedicated she was throughout – and yes, compared to ‘the others’ out there, too!

I had been looking to get together a bachelor band – I was looking for four stallions of slightly different ages. I had particular colours in mind – also the rare diluted ones – nice movements and some of them with a body type leaning towards the baroque shape. Oh, and I also wanted the horses predictably to be of a minimum height of 165 cm when fully grown.
So quite the list to start with!

Rest assured, Dawn delivered! But not just that, she was never pushy and always kind and understanding when I had to make any kind of decision along the way. She was always extremely fast to respond to any of my queries, she made sure I paid a reasonable price for each horse and she never tried to hide any potential or obvious flaws any suggested horse had. In other words: I never had any reason whatsoever to doubt her integrity and my trust in her.

The horses now live together absolutely peacefully, in a herd, exactly as I had imagined it. My boys are of fantastic ‘quality’ (if one should even say that about a living being…) and after a few weeks of having them at home I can’t even imagine my life without them. For all of that – I am eternally grateful to Dawn.

Rest assured, if I ever decided to expand the bachelor band I would not hesitate for a moment to get back in touch with Dawn. It should be more than obvious by now that I can wholeheartedly recommend Dawn!

Eva Virago