Dee Talbott

If you want to find your perfect Andalusian horse, look no further than Dawn Birks. Dawn (and her colleagues in Spain) will move Heaven and Earth to find the right horse for you, not just any horse. Her dedication to the task is exceptional as is her outstanding customer service. She is always honest, reliable and straightforward.

Although we had been horse owners for many years we had never purchased horses without knowing them for some time first. As a real ‘newbie’ to the process Dawn held my hand every step of the way. Her approach was highly professional yet flexible to our needs, when she thought a horse was not right for us she said so and she was right!

I needed to buy two horses for both myself and my husband, our riding experience and heights are very different, but with Dawn’s contacts and her guidance I managed to find two exceptional horses that are perfect for our needs and riding experience. I was fortunate to go to Malaga to select our new horses and had a great time with Dawn. My biggest problem was the vast choice of top quality horses at realistic prices, all meeting our needs. On day one I thought I found two horses for us but sadly one move out of our price range. At that point I was worried, I really wanted to get the right horse for my husband and it was his first choice that was no longer an option. I needed bomb proof riding horses but also kind and cuddly horses on the ground! Dawn said not to worry she had another friend she could take me to the next day who would have the perfect horses for us, this turned out to be Louisa and Alfonso. Dawn was right I found Jaro, a perfect dapple grey gelding to go with Goliat a huge, black gentle giant. Dawn gave excellent advice while I was with her and improved my riding over the three day visit! She was never out of contact no matter what and gave outstanding after sales advice as well as during the buying process. It is not just a business to Dawn it is a passion and it shows.

The whole experience has been painless for us, if not for Dawn. I cannot recommend her highly enough; her professionalism and attention to detail made selection and delivery of our new ‘pals’ very easy for us. Goliat and Jaro are very happy in their new home and have proved to be dream horses for us.

If ever I want another horse Dawn will be my first port of call.

Thank you so much Dawn.

Dee Talbott