Andrea Handford

I must have emailed several andalucian sellers, but Dawn was the only one who actually started looking for me. My budget was really terrible – even Dawn said I’d be lucky… but lucky I was and even though i only saw a few photo’s and a video of Blanca, I knew she was the one for me. My decision was 100% based on Dawn’s opinion, I also trust Dawns opinion 100%. She knows more about what you can get for your money – realistically – than any other horse broker i’d spoke to. she admitted Blanca was still green (age 7) and she’d had 2 foals, but the mare was trusting and kind – basic necessity really. Well, she’s now with me, I’ve re-named her Plumaro (dove) as she is the prettiest most beautiful dabble grey horse with THE longest gun-metal tail i’ve seen. We’re both having lessons (i’m green too!!) and together she and I are going to have some wonderful adventures. Thank you dawn for making making a miracle happen and for giving me a dream come true. When we win the 2012 dressage championships, i’ll dedicate it to you!!! xx