Price: C/D (€15001-19999)

Lucitano is a lovely, tall, light colored Palomino stallion, Lusitano breed but not registered as PSL, he has a normal equine passport. His name is what he is called, not necessarily the name in his passport. He is being brought forward now by a professional rider from the Jerez Riding school, started in September 2023 under the saddle, in the videos he has been ridden since 2 months. He has tremendous potential for dressage but also Spanish riding style and High school dressage as well as working equitation. He is a horse with a friendly, relaxed character, keen to work and to please, very gentle and bonding easily. A joy for anybody who will now decide to take him over and continue the training his or her own way! His hoof quality is very good so he may be kept barefoot still.

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    Status For Sale
    Location Spain
    Sex Stallion
    Capa LG Palomino
    Height 1.66m
    Born 01/01/2020
    PRE PSL Without Papers

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