Licenciado Noble


Licanciado Noble is one of the very few stunning looking baroc built old type PRE horses, shining black color and even approved for breeding, riden & driven! He is ever so gentle and easy going, a horse to enjoy every minute to be around and to ride. He is no stallion behavior whatsoever even hacking out around the paths where the brood mares are living. He is stabled at the breeder’s yard and even in the stables there are always a few mare stabled for riding. He is a relaxed horse, laid back and willing to work if you want him to. His blood lines are mainly based on Guadiana and Granda Losada with strong Romero Benitez and Carthusian roots.

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Black
Height 1.62m
Born 09/01/2009
Code 724015090252959
Microchip Yes
Reproductive Status Approved
Breeder Nobleza Del Guadiana SL

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