JS TERCO *08/05/2018 is an outstanding young PRE stallion, being now started to train with saddle bridle and rider at the lunge. Stabled at a professional dressage stables in the north of Spain, this horse has been selected to be taken forward professionally without time pressure. He is very easy to train as he is an open minded horse and as you can see from the video, he moves just like a dream. His natural way to move forward and find the right balance to stop, turn and put his hind legs under the body are so wonderful to watch. His blood lines are based in dressage orientated lines, such as Marin Garcia, Soto Gil. Furthermore, Terco has a set of clean x-rays and is Piroplasmosis tested negative.


Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Grey
Height 1.63m
Born 08/05/2018
PRE PSL With Papers

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