Defensor DCR

Price: D/E (€20001-24999)

Defensor DCR *09/04/2016 is a beautiful approved PRE stallion with long mane, very nice to ride as he is being trained by a professional dressage trainer who likes to allow time for stretching on long reins. He has now the basics in the arena including half pass in trot, shoulder in and canter from walk, flying changes, Spanish Walk, piaffe & passsage with some help from the ground. He is also a save horse to hack out alone or in company. Apart, he has a very good pedigree based in dressage liens such as Camacho Benitez, Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar. He has furthermore been tested piroplasmosos free and has a set of clean x-rays!

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    Status For Sale
    Location Spain
    Sex Stallion
    Capa LG Grey
    Height 1.63m
    Born 09/04/2016
    PRE PSL With Papers

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