Chulo FC


CHULO FC *17/04/2019 is a typical, charismatic, black baroque PRE stallion, ridden in the basic gaits and hacking out. Also suitable as a “lady horse”. Despite his impressive appearance, he is easy to handle and ride thanks to his lovely character. He is also confident and experienced on-road and off-road. He knows riding alone and in company. Mares around him don’t affect him. He’s just decent and beautiful. His pedigree is also remarkable, especially since he has many ancestors from the Peralta breed, which is known to have its roots in both pure Cartujano lines and horses bred for bullfighting and in particular for cattle work and farming horses.

Status For Sale
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Black
Height 1.60m
Born 17/04/2019
PRE PSL With Papers

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