Candelo Arquelladas

Price: D/E (€20001-24999)

CANDELO ARQUELLADAS *11/05/2018 is a fairy tale Horse, a very baroque PRE stallion with massive neck yet elegant and smooth , fantastic gaits, very comfortable and easy to ride. He will tick all your boxes, especially for those who love the old type PRE, medium sized yet full body and strong joints, willing to work and walk, he is used to hack out alone and in company even large groups of riders, he doesn’t shy of anything, versatile and brave. Even on the El Rocio pilgrim ride recently, end of November 2023 (see new pictures), he prooved his serenity and behaved absolutely great even near the bulls! He is a joy to be around, lovely horse in every aspect! His blood lines are based in the old roots mainly Bohorquez. He has a set of clean x-rays!

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    Status For Sale
    Location Spain
    Sex Stallion
    Capa LG Grey
    Height 1.55m
    Born 11/05/2018
    PRE PSL With Papers

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