Ambicioso XVII


Ambicioso is an approved PRE gelding with a heart of gold – sensational horse with a lovely calm nature, expressive movement, an easy ride. His training is dressage orientated, owned, schooled and trained by one of Spain’s leading dressage trainers and his stuff. He currently performs shoulder in and half pass in walk, trot & canter, piaffe, passage, Spanish walk, walk and canter pirouette, counter canter, half pass & multiple flying lead changes every 3-4 strides, and he is being worked on a snaffle, allowing nice stretch downs before and after the work. He is very sweet and kind, extremely comfortable to ride with his strong back and light paces and he is also being used as a school horse from time to time. Ambicioso would suit a lady’s ride as well as school master for those who want to fulfill their dream of a highly trained horse, for show, and also as a leisure partner in every aspect. He has full vet exam including x-rays!

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Gelding
Capa LG Grey
Height 1.60m
Born 01/05/2003
Code 190101002403040
Microchip 985100010090198
Reproductive Status Approved
Breeder Yeguada Pilar Reyes

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