Deborah Hogg

Mine is a fairy story and Dawn is my Fairy Godmother!  Having spent every spare hour I had on horse sale websites, driving miles to look at horses only to find them not as described, I got home from one such trip deflated.  I made myself a cup of tea and to cheer myself up, I went into ‘Debbie-Land’ and Googled my dream horse!  ‘Andalusian, grey (white), 15.1/ 15.2hh, gelding, bombproof…’ It came up with Chulo on Dawn’s website.  Long story short, I bought this horse before my mug of tea went cold!

I have never been so excited in my whole life!  Dawn was marvellous!  She insisted I watch videos and look at photos as she wanted me to be 100% sure.  Oh I was sure!  I’d never been so sure about anything in my life!  While these videos were uploading I asked a friend who has Andalusians if she had heard of Dawn as I was thinking of buying a horse unseen from her.  She said ‘I’ve bought a horse from Dawn, she’s very honest, trust her’.  I was going ahead anyway but that was certainly a good thing to be able to report to husband when he got home from work and thought me totally mad for buying a horse without seeing it.  I told Dawn I had spoken to this mutual friend so Dawn did her homework too and asked her if I was a suitable 5 star home for Chulo, one very special little horse. Thankfully I passed the audition!  Many many emails were sent to and from Spain, mainly to indulge my excitement.  As the man in the horse feed shop said ‘we had someone in just as excited as you who was getting a new horse’.  I was thinking, that’s not possible, when he said ‘She was 8’.  That was me!  I was like a kid on Christmas Eve!

Chulo arrived the following week and dreams really do come true. He’s wonderful! I thought my other horse was pretty bombproof but Chulo is fantastic and didn’t even bother about a bonfire crackling at the side of the road.  I am so pleased I went with my gut instinct and trusted Dawn 100% to buy unseen.  My favourite saying is ‘Don’t wait for your boat to come in, row out and meet it’. That’s exactly what I did and I am so pleased I did.  I am having so much fun with Chulo, my dream horse, thank you Dawn.