Tango LXI


PRE stallion
He is ridden Walk, trot, canter, half pass, shoulder in, leg yield.
Also lovely to ride outside, very well accustomed to hacking out alone or with others.
This horse can be described as a sensitive horse, he does move off the leg and is best¬†suited to a confident rider because he thrives and relaxes with a rider’s confidence.¬†Soft in the mouth, can be ridden in any type of bit.
He is currently stabled at a dressage yard so he is now being trained the dressage way, he came to the current yard around one year ago, before this he belonged to an old Spanish man so he had no real training in his life until a year ago.
Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Grey
Height 1.64m
Born 05/03/2006
Microchip Yes

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