Triunfador LVIII


TRIUNFADOR LVIII is a very well ridden approved pure bred PRE horse, dressage trained, sweet character and absolutely well looked after and cared for! He has a very solid training in dressage including: walk, trot, canter, extended trot, half pass in walk, trot, canter, pirouettes in canter, counter canter, transition from walk to canter and canter to walk, backwards and passage. He also hacks out and has a really sweet character! His breeding is based mainly in pure Carthusian lines showing a lot of bocado brandings in his pedigree as well as Salvatierra, but also some Romero Benitez and the precious military line Leviton – Agente! A fantastic horse to enjoy dressage as well as leisure riding!

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG White
Height 1.60m
Born 05/12/2010

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