Chavo is a cream color Andalusian x Lusitano stallion who came directly from the breeder in Granada. He has been stabled and started late with 4 years, and is now already a very laid back, relaxed and sweet horse, easy going under the saddle and performing amazing gaits, well balanced and smooth! He is a sweetheart in every aspect. He is no problem at all in handling, used to mares and other horses as he is stabled in a mixed yard. His owner is a professional young lady trainer who is bringing him forward in a very light and easy way. Chavo is showing very good movements, especially his walk is excellent, and he would brill as a dressage horse, but we can also see him as a family and leisure horse as to his amazing sweet character! Chavo has been x-rays and is absolutely clean! He is so easy going that it is also possible to ride him without bit on a hackamore!

Status Sold
Location Spain
Sex Stallion
Capa LG Cremello
Height 1.53m
Born 05/01/2010

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