Kathy Watson

Dear Dawn,

It has been two weeks since Capitan has entered our lives and everyday I say a silent prayer of thanks to you.

Losing Kelly’s beloved horse Niles had been a devastating time for her and we honestly never thought she would open her heart to another horse as she has to Capitan.

Capitan is nothing short of a miracle. He is affectionate, kind, trusting, loving and of corse beautiful. Just as you said he would be.

Many family and friends have questioned us about the process and “leap of faith” to purchase a horse sight unseen let alone import. We have told everyone we would do it again but only if we worked with you. I can’t thank you enough for every moment you have shared with us and I know we have made a trusted friend in you.

Capitan is truly a perfect ambassador of the Andalusian horse and a reflection of your kind and caring nature.

Wishing you the best always,

Kathy Watson