Susan & Bucarito

Having previously owned a pre stallion for the first time..(Arabians have been my life) he was cheap,available and unbroken aged 11.At 65 and returning to live in Spain i decided that the horse I had was not the one I had always dreamt of owning.Luckily a friend fell in love with him and there he stays with her.I knew this was going to be my last horse having ridden since the age of 4 so this in mind Andalusian Horse Direct and Dawn was the place of source found on line which stood out above the rest!.You can look and search and investigate for ever there are many resources….but here you have honesty no sugar coatings and all in for you the customer.So i saw the chosen one and and nothing from there on was too much trouble.Yes not the cheapest horse ever but an investment for years of joy to come and we will grow older together.Dawn and her team prepared everything,papers,travel,timings, extra video’s etc.Yes I purchased without seeing in the flesh…put your trust in the right company and you will reap the rewards.I am now the proud owner of Bucarito my dream horse,my last horse and what a horse he is.Thankyou Dawn for everything.
susan mcneil