Patricia Pearce

Purchased Rosa at the beginning of July to replace my retired horse Corrine. Dawn said Rosa was the ideal horse for my riding experience, but I was scepticle as I had not ridden for three years and Corrine had ring bone that bad she could stand still for England so when you obtain a horse that actually moves it is unnerving. Happily for me Dawn was right Rosa has very good manners and I could not beleive that I could find a horse anything like Corrine. Unfortunately, Corrine had to be put to sleep three weeks after I purchased Rosa due to Arthritus of the Spine so as you can imagine I was and still am very upset about losing her but Rosa does cheer me up and I still cannot beleive I can go out hacking and have lessons on this wonderful horse. As I am 55 years old it can be unnerving riding on roads but Rosa seems to take everything in her stride and gives me confidence to try new tests. Thanks to Dawn we are a very happy couple and my husband has now got in the saddle andloves her to bits.
Thanks Dawn for the introduction to this lovely willing animal