Lucy & Jazmin

Dear Dawn,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for working so hard literally all year finding me my second horse to
Import from Spain. Once again you were so kind and patient and you understood exactly what I was looking for. Even when you sent me what I wanted and it still wasn’t “the one” you remained so supportive and never gave up through the months. I bought both horses without seeing them first because my work schedule was so hectic. My first boy only wanted to jump (he’s still great but not my dream dressage horse I initially set out for) So getting it right the second time and putting my absolute trust in you was paramount.

My super hot dressage stallion finally arrived just before Christmas looking every bit the dream unicorn I wanted. He really is so special and gentle and my dream horse. I think the horse transport company had a few offers for him along the way and also fell for him! He has a kind trusting temperament and is such an honest boy with all the moves up his sleeves. He was very keen to show me them all and I feel on cloud 9 every time I ride him.

I can’t thank you enough for all the persistence, the coordination it took to get him here and the way you dealt with a few hiccups from the sellers side. You are so professional and kind, thank you doesn’t really justify what a difference you have made.

I absolutely adore jazmin already and I know he will have a very happy home with me for the rest of his life. Family is now complete, I won’t ask for a third grey but if I did then you would be my first and only point of call. You may run away and hide at this point lol! 😉

Thanks again, all my love and best wishes Lucy and Jazmin xxx