Linda and Junquero

I have had horses for most of my life, but made the decision that it was time to finish. I had my last horse for sale on a website, by accident I found on the same website a horse advertised by Andalusian Horses Direct. As the yard was local, I could not resist a look, and I certainly do not regret the amazing find. I am sure that the horse managed to find me!
Junquero has turned out to be exactly what I was sold, I have had him for three months now and he definitely is the best horse I have ever owned. I have had a selection of competition horses in the past, the majority from Germany, I knew nothing about Spanish horses but definitely after three months, in comparison to the other breeds, 100% recommend.
I said to Dawn that I wanted a horse which I could get on without thinking what might happen! Junquero is absolutely amazing and is exactly what I was sold, he works very well in the school, but is also 100% to hack alone or in company – totally awesome!! Louise at the yard could not do enough for me, I went to see Junquero twice, was not hurried, and could spend as much time as I wanted with him. After purchasing, with the yard quite local, I was able to leave him there to have a saddle fitted and ride him on additional visits before bringing him home. It was perfect, I brought home a horse ready to go with his new saddle, who I was already developing a great partnership with.
Thank you so much Dawn and Louise!!