Libby Bricknell-Watson

Hi Dawn

I gave you an unusual requisite as you may recall? ‘Help me find a horse that had been sold before I had the chance to buy it’…. For me, it had to be that particular horse! An Appaloosa x Andalusian Stallion, stunning leopard spot, sold on ‘somewhere’ in Spain! To my amazement you did and after your finding he’d been sold on to another dealer, you negotiated a fair price arranged a vetting and shipped him to my door! I have nothing but praise for your professionalism attention to detail and in keeping me up to date on an on going basis through the process. Paper work for his export / import and even providing a video of his vetting. You have enabled me to have the horse dreams are made of (mine anyway) and I would recommend your company and yourself and driver to anyone looking to own a horse from Spain!

Vittario and I thank you!

Libby Bricknell- Watson. Anglesey