Laura Dobson

Hello Dawn

I wanted to update you on the progress of Tintero (now called Tintin) since purchasing back in March/April 2013.

When he arrived to the UK, in the lorry I remember thinking I hope that isn’t my horse making all that noise and with relief found it wasn’t him as he nervously but obediently came off the ramp. I felt a bit of relief at this point. I remember looking at him thinking oh he is small and skinny (but i was in a stables full of big Irish Drafts so in comparison …) He had just under a week before being castrated as a 4 year old. He was fabulous for the vet during the process but unfortunately it did become infected, which meant the recovery time was more like 6 weeks rather than the usual 3 to 4. I used this time as an opportunity to get to know him and do quite a bit in hand including weening him onto grass. (Which he loves).

An opportunity arose for us to move stables and he took this in his stride and settled beautifully. Shortly after the move, his training began.
He has weak hocks due to age and confirmation so lots of lunging to begin with. When he was ready to start riding I contacted the saddle fitters, who thought I was a little strange when I had to ask them to lead me round (I had not ridden him before only sat on him bare back).

Now after 3 months of training and taking our time we are off to our first prelim competition this weekend.

I never really got an opportunity to say how thankful I am to have him. I must admit I thought I was a bit mad to buy a horse I have never ridden but his temperament and nature is fantastic which makes him adaptable as well as trainable. He is very grown up for his age and I feel he is very happy (and spoilt in a good way).

Thank you for your constant contact and communication throughout the process, it was very reassuring. I would and have recommended you to other potential purchasers and find I have to stop myself looking at other horses on your website. However if I chose to buy another I would definitely come back to you.

I am happy for you to post this on your website. Thanks again.

Best Wishes
Laura Dobson